The Winding Road Book - Al Mabin

The Winding Road Book - Al Mabin

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The Winding Road is witty, charming and makes you think twice about the way “life has to be done”. Alice Mabin’s unfailing persistence and tenacity is inspiring. She is right – life is too short not to do what you love. 

The Winding Road reminds us, that if you are prepared to take a risk and see an opportunity to redesign your life, you have an obligation to yourself to see it through.

Yet again, Alice has delivered something unique – The Sealed Section is nothing short of gold. Resist your urge to tear it open first; read it last for the greatest impact!

As a renowned rural photographer, Alice has astonished readers with her best-selling publications and photographs that celebrate the rich tapestry of life in the Australian Outback.

But life for Alice hasn’t always been as exquisite as her photography.  After leaving her family in search of a plentiful life, Alice has travelled an undulating paper-road to success, chasing an abundant life filled with stories worth telling. 

‘After all,’ she says ‘Life is not a dress rehearsal. Your story is your masterpiece.’ 

Intertwining the adventures and revelations of life in Al’s typical cheeky style, The Winding Road uncovers what it really takes to be successful in an ever-changing environment.

Inside The Winding Road discover Al’s secrets to uncovering your brilliance, fulfilling your dreams and creating success, even when you don’t know how.