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Some of the juiciest flavours out there are right here! Packs A Peach and Pumping Pomegranate unite, each one bringing their A-game when it comes to a fruit flavour-filled tea moment!

What's in the box?

Contains 2 x Loose Leaf Tisanes in Tins:
  • Packs a Peach (40g)
  • Pumping Pomegranate (30g)

Packs a peach:Apple, white hibiscus, papaya cubes (papaya, sugar), sweet blackberry leaves, peach (6.5%), chicory root roasted, natural and artificial flavouring, marigold petals, acidifier: citric acid (E330)
Pumping Pomegranate:Apple, hibiscus, rosehip, elderberry, natural and artificial flavouring, pomegranate seed (2%)