Mondrian Blocks Game

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Mondrian Blocks is an award-winning puzzle and travel game. Challenge your flexible thinking and problem-solving skills

Place the fixed starter blocks as shown on the challenge card. Try to place all blocks on the board. There is only one way to solve the puzzle for each challenge card. It's time to make an art with your mind, game on! If you’re looking for something special as a gift, don’t miss this challenging puzzle game. It's perfect for all ages! An excellent choice for christmas, birthday, and any other occasions. Play it alone or grab a scond copy and compete against each other.

It comes in a compact, light and easy travel case so you can take it with you on the go and play it everywhere.

Ages: 8 + | Players: 1

In the Box:

  • 11 x blocks
  • 88 x Challenge cards (4 difficulty levels)
  • Travel case