Keep A Straight Face Game

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Think you can make even your most straight-faced of friends crack a smile? You'll have to to win this laugh fuelled game!

Can you keep a straight face or will you give in to the giggles?

Take it in turns acting out the 300 outrageous action cards. From peeling a banana with your toes to gargling water in the tune of classic hit songs, it's not going to be easy to stay stony faced!

The suggestions are family friendlyso everyone can play along. There's a spinner included to decide whose turn it is to laugh and lose or scowl and succeed!

A fun family game that would be just as welcome at a wild party as a cosy night in!



  • Can you keep it together?
  • Act out the ridiculous action cards
  • Laughing is for losers!
  • A fun game for the whole family


  • Inclusions: 300 action cards, spinner, instructions
  • Measurements (box): 12.3 x 17 x 8 cms
  • Ages: 6 and older