Joey Games - Busy Beaks Game

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Busy Beaks
A card game about Australia's birdlife

Ages 8+
2-4 players
30 minutes

Get to know Australia’s most fascinating birds in this colourful card game. Each player collects bird cards and gathers them into flocks to score points. Whoever makes the most valuable flocks wins! Each bird also has a special ability - like the Powerful Owl who lets you search the deck for the card you really need, or the mimicking Magpie who lets you copy another card. Choose which birds you want to use each game to make every play feel different.

Game design by Phil Walker-Harding
Illustrations by Sarah Allen

CONTENTS: 182 bird cards in 14 types, 1 tree board, 23 egg tokens, 14 card storage envelopes, 1 rules of play booklet.