DIY Miniature Doll House - Alices Dreamy Bedroom

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Alice's Dreamy Bedroom is a place where BIG ideas come alive. Alice likes to curl up in her double bed  with the light from the window behind her, giving her plenty of light so that she can read for hours on end.  Time stands still as she is absorbed by the drama, humour and the characters she gets to know and like inside the pages of a great read.

Surrounded by the things Anne loves - plants, pictures framed on the wall, this room is a tranquil place, a little refuge to escape from life's busyness. 

This DIY miniature room model complete with LED lighting will keep you busy for hours as you cut, fold, glue and transform the supplied pieces into delightful keepsake. This is a great project for a grandparent/parent to complete with a child, or the perfect gift for those who love hands-on activities.