Byron Bay Chopping Boards - Large

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Byron Bay Chopping Boards brings you beautiful, hand crafted Camphor laurel chopping boards, sourced sustainably from the hinterland of Byron Bay. Each piece of wood is selected for its grain quality and handcrafted into a unique, long-lasting, professional quality chopping board.

Camphor laurel is a hard wood of medium density, with beautiful colour and grain patterns. Not only is it great for your knives, its natural, anti bacterial property is for life.

Byron Bay Chopping Boards:

  • Is proudly Australian made, owned and operated
  • Is an ECO friendly company embracing sustainable business practices

Camphor laurel is a 100% ECO Friendly timber sourced from in and around the Byron Bay area.

Large - 

Dimensions 480x230x30mm, approx

Weight 2kg, approx

This is a great everyday board for the kitchen, one of our most popular!